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Sounds of Aya Sophia

Stanford University scientists have digitally created Aya Sophia’s acoustics and played the sounds in Stanford University’s Bing Concert Hall as if it was Aya Sophia. You can listen to these sounds in the video in the Smithsonian article or the direct … Continue reading

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Prabhata Samgiita (song 2)

This song of mine is a fountain of effulgence. On this rocky path, day and night I keep on flowing, heedless of all obstacles. This song of mine is a fountain of effulgence. This path of mine is rugged and … Continue reading

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Kiirtans at SoundCloud

Image credit I have been visiting the kiirtans page at the SoundCloud very often. Inspiring Baba Nam Kevalam kiirtans. Enjoy!  

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Prabhata Samgiita (song 1)

O Lord, lead me on. Lead me unto the fountain of effulgence. O Lord, lead me on. I can no longer bear the pain of darkness in my heart. O Lord, lead me on. With Your songs, break my deep … Continue reading

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Sound Archetypes of Sanskrit

This is an important subject. The “acoustic roots” of Sanskrit are also known as Biija Mantras. My understanding is that Biija Mantras are basically sound archetypes. I will take this opportunity to remind you about my writings on the subject … Continue reading

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Prabhata Samgiita

Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar (Shrii Shrii Anandamurti) composed 5018 songs including the lyrics and the tunes in 8 years. He composed the first song “Bandhu he niye calo” on 14 September 1982 at Deoghar, India. He continued composing songs until his … Continue reading

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Leaving me forever caught within your spell

Can I tell You how I love you? More than words can ever tell Even now the blissful vision’s passing, leaving me forever caught within Your spell The magic of Your light surrounds me, even when I cannot see The … Continue reading

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