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A short comment on Reichenbach’s Principle of Common Cause

When I came across this principle in Mark Alford’s tutorial paper on Bell Inequality I was intrigued: Reichenbach’s principle of common cause [1]: correlations can be explained in terms of causes. if two phenomena show a correlation, either one causes … Continue reading

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QM wavefunction and its many interpretations

Mathematical formalism known as Quantum Mechanics (QM) describes the outcomes of measurements performed with elementary particles when they interact with each other or external fields. Measurement is the key concept in QM. Measurement is like taking a snapshot of the … Continue reading

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Amos Tversky and the Prospect Theory

Amos Tversky (1937-1996), Davis Brack Professor of Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University and one of the world’s most respected and influential psychologists died June 2, 1996, of metastatic melanoma, at the age of 59. Amos Tversky was going to share the … Continue reading

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Past is a particle, future is a wave

I am reading John D. Barrow’s book “the Book of Universes.” This is one of the best books I have read in recent years. This is a very readable book. There are human stories in it too. Cosmologists are very … Continue reading

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Coupling between past and future

Prediction is the hardest intellectual problem. It seems that we need to know everything about the Cosmos to predict the future accurately. I am not sure that even omniscience is enough because there is an intrinsic uncertainty in the Cosmos. … Continue reading

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The Samurai Astronomer and the Time Difference

On my way to California I watched a movie on the plane: “Tenchi: The Samurai Astronomer.” The film was released in 2012.  The IMDB description is “A chronicle of the life of Yasui Santetsu, a 17th century master of Go … Continue reading

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Textual Analysis and Psychological Dictionaries

It is becoming common these days for researchers to comb through and process large data sets such as tweets and other web based data. The purpose of such research is to determine the general mood of the society. Researchers are … Continue reading

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Prediction and Prophecy

Many bloggers are listing their predictions for 2011 and beyond. Anyone who has done research on prediction knows that it is the hardest thing in life. No one can predict future with accuracy. Prediction is intellectually hard yet it is … Continue reading

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