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Quantum Computing Review Article by John Preskill

Quantum Computing related research is now being funded at a high level and there is a gold rush towards this field among physicists, engineers and computer scientists. I admit that Quantum Computing is very attractive. If I were an undergraduate … Continue reading

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2017 Oppenheimer Lecture by John Preskill on Quantum Computing

I follow John Preskill’s blog very closely. When I heard that he gave the 2017 Oppenheimer Lecture at the University of California – Berkeley I knew that this lecture would be an important educational resource. In the lecture he talks about … Continue reading

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Image credit Quantum Computing has entered my radar. I am a little ashamed that I ignored this subject for so long. We are entering a new era. In the forthcoming blogposts I will try to inform you about the recent technological breakthroughs … Continue reading

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