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Few stats about Turkish Economy and Society

The Turkish Statistics Institute provides a lot of data about Turkish economy and society. You can use the English version or the Turkish version of their website. They provide Excel spreadsheets. You have to do some work to extract the … Continue reading

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Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat)

I was born in Türkiye to Turkish parents and spent my formative years there until I moved to the United States to pursue a PhD degree in Physics. I never returned to Türkiye to work and live there but I … Continue reading

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Bayesian probability and statistics: resources

Prediction is very hard. We have no choice but to use the past events to make a prediction about the future events. If you can detect a trend or cycle then the job gets easier but sometimes there is neither … Continue reading

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Difference between correlation and causation

This is the first article in my “causality” series. Please see the index for a list of the other posts in this series. In my day job I deal with probability and statistics. I use words like correlation, standard error … Continue reading

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Coupling between past and future

Prediction is the hardest intellectual problem. It seems that we need to know everything about the Cosmos to predict the future accurately. I am not sure that even omniscience is enough because there is an intrinsic uncertainty in the Cosmos. … Continue reading

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