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More Sailboats

In the Sailboats essay I included this picture of an abstract sailboat painting from the Ottoman times. I have few more. These paintings are few centuries old. I wish I could give you the full reference but I don’t have … Continue reading

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Why boxing films are always popular

Have you ever wondered why the films about boxers are always popular? Many memorable films come to mind. You might find the list at IMDb interesting. The boxer who takes many blows but still stands is a symbol of human … Continue reading

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Sound Archetypes of Sanskrit

This is an important subject. The “acoustic roots” of Sanskrit are also known as Biija Mantras. My understanding is that Biija Mantras are basically sound archetypes. I will take this opportunity to remind you about my writings on the subject … Continue reading

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Image credit How pleasant, oh dear God, how pleasant To journey on the blue sea To cast off from shore Aimless as thought. I would set sail to the wind And wander from sea to sea To find myself one … Continue reading

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Ontological Semiosis

In “Course in General Linguistics,” Ferdinand de Saussure proposed a new science. “It is … possible to conceive of a science which studies the role of signs as part of social life. It would be part of social psychology, and … Continue reading

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Etymology of Universe

This is from John D. Barrow’s “The Book of Universes.” “The etymology of the word ‘universe’ can be traced back to the use of the Old French univers, in the twelfth century, which derives from the earlier Latin universum. This … Continue reading

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Tangential Touch

… is neither inside nor outside. … is both inside and outside. … is a mystery!

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Rose Symbolism

I cannot do justice to the long history of rose symbolism in world cultures. I will pick and choose and mention few that held my attention. For me rose is the symbol of the soul. The seat of the soul … Continue reading

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Bird Symbolism

I watched a documentary film titled “Birders: Central Park Effect.” People in the film were describing their feelings of being one with nature and the joy of being alive. Many of them described how bird watching makes them feel alive. … Continue reading

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Inspiring Metaphors (3): Triangle

Triangle and the 3 Gunas In spiritual philosophy, in some religions, in most esoteric philosophies and in various metaphysical creation theories the triangle and the essence of triangle the number 3 is used as a metaphorical device to refer to … Continue reading

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Inspiring Metaphors: Mother and Father

In all cultures there are mythologies and analogies referring to the cognitive (consciousness) and operative (creative) aspects of the Supreme Being. In certain religions like Islam the “mother” metaphor is carefully avoided, instead the 99 attributes of Allah are mentioned … Continue reading

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Inspiring Metaphors: Line and Point

A conversation with Peter Francis Dziuban* inspired this metaphor. There is a duality between the “point” and the “line” which is apparently different but a line looks like a point when viewed from a different angle (head-on). Therefore the “point” … Continue reading

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Number Symbolism

Zero : Dimensionless Infinity of Consciousness Geometric representation of zero is a dot (point) because a point is zero-dimensional. The Absolute Unqualified Consciousness (Nirguna Brahma) is symbolized by a point because Nirguna Brahma is beyond this creation, it is beyond … Continue reading

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