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Lost in translation (2)

Image credit “Haydan gelen Huya gider”  – Turkish proverb. In colloquial Turkish this proverb is used to mean “easy come easy go” but this was not the original meaning. In Turkish the suffix “dan” means “from”  and the suffix “ya” means … Continue reading

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alla turca time

Image credit In the alla turca time Sun always sets at the 0’th hour and rises at the 12th hour. The hours of the alla turca time have variable length. During winters the length of 1 (alla turca) night hour is longer … Continue reading

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Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat)

I was born in Türkiye to Turkish parents and spent my formative years there until I moved to the United States to pursue a PhD degree in Physics. I never returned to Türkiye to work and live there but I … Continue reading

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image credit I feel so ashamed for not knowing much about al-Biruni – the polymath who lived in the 11’th century. His name was brought to my attention by a newspaper article announcing the establishment of a new private university … Continue reading

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More Sailboats

In the Sailboats essay I included this picture of an abstract sailboat painting from the Ottoman times. I have few more. These paintings are few centuries old. I wish I could give you the full reference but I don’t have … Continue reading

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Random Comments on the Turkish Language

My native language is Turkish. I grew up in northern Turkey. I started learning English in high school but it was already too late. The language processing part of my brain was already formed according to Turkish syntax. In 1981 … Continue reading

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