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Life is struggle! At least for me… life has been a series of tests. Ego lessons have been particularly hard. I have had numerous ego crushing experiences…latest one happened few weeks ago. I used to complain in the past but I don’t ask “why me?” anymore.

There is evil in this world. There is also love and beauty. I thank God every day for love and beauty.

Today on my 60’th birthday I am ever more grateful. When I look back, certain memories stand out.

  • My happy childhood in a coal mining town by the Black Sea in Turkey.
  • 3 painful years at a boarding high school in Istanbul in the 70’s.
  • My 2 month stay in Bartlesville, Oklahoma as an AFS exchange student in 1977.
  • 4 interesting years at Bogazici University in Istanbul between 1977-1981.
  • Terrible explosion in Istanbul in 1979
  •  September 12, 1980, military coup in Turkey.
  • My fateful initiation into Shrii Shrii Anandamurti’s meditation in September 1980, two weeks after the military coup.
  • 7 miserable years in Stillwater, Oklahoma.
  • 4 magical years at Fermilab between 1988-1992.
  • Divorce from my first wife in 1991.
  • Meeting my second wife in 1993 and marrying her in 1994.
  • Moving from Dallas to NYC in June 1997.
  • My son’s birth in September 1997.
  • Watching twin towers collapse on Sep 11, 2001.
  • Watching my father die from cancer in 2008 and my mother in 2019
  • My son’s surgeries in 2013, 2014, 2015.
  • My son’s graduate school application process in 2018. He had many challenges in life – not just surgeries but other challenges as well. The application process was full of drama. By God’s Grace he is now a PhD student at Penn State University.

January 25, 2020