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Rotation resets time but spin prevents the reset therefore time adds up

Zero is not Null

What percentage of scientists are atheists?

It is not just semantics

Curious about lunar calendars

Leaving me forever caught within your spell

Einstein and Tagore

On Receptivity

Knower I, Doer I, Done I, Known I

On liberation, union and identity

Etymology of Universe

Spiritual quantum jump

How can someone write 500 books in his lifetime?


What is intuition?

On the human story of Leibniz

Lost in translation

Different kinds of connectivity

Inner Silence

Ananda Sutram

Inference and Propensity

Kiirtan: Ancient Cure for Modern Problems

The Adjustment Bureau is working extra hard these days

Event Horizon of the Soul

Epistemic Uncertainty

Stephen Wolfram on Richard Feynman


Spiritual Surrender

Attraction to Abstraction


Spiritual Teachings of Tehuti

Soul Monism is NOT solipsism

God loves atheists too

Narcissistic Mystic against Scientific Materialism

On different definitions of Monism

Alla Turca Time

Curious about lunar calendars

Geometrical versus Topological

Sounds of Aya Sophia


What is Devotion?

Rose Symbolism

Cosmic Inversion

Miletus, Constantinople, Istanbul, New York

The Renaissance Problem

Cognitive and Creative


Useful metaphysics

Being closer to God is the highest happiness

Beauty is the reward itself

Pratityasamutpada: interdependence or co-emergence?

Embracing multiple personas

No need to be confused

Deus ex machina

Central doctrine of spirituality

Prometheus complex

What am I doing here?