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Fun with Aphorisms

I love aphorisms. Ancient Greeks loved aphorisms too. My paternal ancestry is rooted in Anatolia and Greece. That may explain my fondness for aphorisms. I don’t create aphorisms intentionally but I was blessed with few over the years. I wanted … Continue reading

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Random Comments on the Turkish Language

My native language is Turkish. I grew up in northern Turkey. I started learning English in high school but it was already too late. The language processing part of my brain was already formed according to Turkish syntax. In 1981 … Continue reading

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In all mythologies, the Spirit is symbolized by birds. In every culture there is a mythical bird representing the spiritual dimension of the Universe. In the Near-East there is rich literature and folklore about these birds. Depending on the literary … Continue reading

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Spiritual Undercurrents of Anatolia

Turkish (Anatolian) society is going through a tumultuous transformation. On the surface, it seems as though the society is becoming more dogmatic. Sunni Islam is taking over all state institutions. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Mustafa … Continue reading

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Sound Archetypes

Origins of Sound  Archetypes Origins of sound archetypes go back to the Paleolithic period when all humans were hunter-gatherers. In this long period humans were closer to nature and their understanding of the “sacred” was very different from the current … Continue reading

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Haji Bektash Veli

Haji Bektash Veli was a great Sufi teacher, humanist and philosopher who lived in Anatolia in the 13’th century. He is the eponym of the Bektashi Sufi order and is considered as one of the principal teachers of Alevism. He … Continue reading

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