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This is a follow-up on the previous posts titled New Perspective on the Quantum Mechanical Nature: Seeking Freedom Few Comments on Microscopic Black Holes where the ontological principles Consciousness cannot be confined for long Seeking freedom is one of the … Continue reading

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Few Comments on the Microscopic Black Holes

In 2008, before the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) was turned on there was a concern that LHC would create microscopic black holes and they would grow in size causing the end of the world. LHC has been operating successfully since … Continue reading

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Infinite Curvature of Spacetime Singularity

I will make a pedagogical point regarding the visual representation of spacetime singularities (Black Holes). In popularized science articles and books the Black Holes are sometimes represented as follows: This visual representation is misleading because the spacetime curvature in a … Continue reading

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On Information, Surface, and Volume

You may have read Michael Talbot’s book “The Holographic Universe.” He talks about two ideas: a) brain as hologram b) universe as hologram. In this article I will comment on the speculation of physical universe being a hologram. Talbot credits … Continue reading

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