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Superposition Principle of Quantum Mechanics

Classical superposition principle Classical waves pass through each other. For a medium with linear restoring forces, any local displacement of the medium will be equal to the displacement represented by the linear combination of the displacements produced by the interfering … Continue reading

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Coupling between past and future

Prediction is the hardest intellectual problem. It seems that we need to know everything about the Cosmos to predict the future accurately. I am not sure that even omniscience is enough because there is an intrinsic uncertainty in the Cosmos. … Continue reading

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Divine Time, Causal Time, Physical Time

Discussion of time will never end. We will never exhaust this subject. My short review today was inspired by a dear friend who has been thinking deeply on the subject of time and asking me difficult questions. I cannot answer … Continue reading

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Model of a Model

Is physics describing reality, phenomena or measurements? It is important to understand the distinction between reality, phenomena and measurements. It is also important to be aware of the distinction between physical reality and higher (subtler) states of reality. One could … Continue reading

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Prediction and Prophecy

Many bloggers are listing their predictions for 2011 and beyond. Anyone who has done research on prediction knows that it is the hardest thing in life. No one can predict future with accuracy. Prediction is intellectually hard yet it is … Continue reading

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