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John Hagelin’s “Restructuring Physics” article from 1989

Latest results from the proton decay experiment at the Super-K laboratory in Japan ruled-out the simplest GUT models seeking the unification of “strong nuclear”, “weak nuclear” and electromagnetic forces at high energies. Among the proposed GUT models, the one known as the “flipped SU(5)” … Continue reading

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Why do we have ego?

Why do we have ego? I have been pondering this question for a long time. In my previous writings I have mentioned that ego is a necessary stage in the journey of the soul but I am not really satisfied with … Continue reading

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Force/Consciousness; Midichlorians/Microvita; Jedi/Sadvipra

This article is not about Microvita. I am not ready to write about Microvita yet. It is a huge subject. I don’t know where to start. Consciousness is huge subject too but I have been writing about Consciousness. You may … Continue reading

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On the fascination with zombies

What is all this fascination with zombies? Just take a look at the list of zombie movies and the list of zombie novels. Even philosophical essays!   I blame David Chalmers for this 🙂 David Chalmers is one of my favorite … Continue reading

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Aham or Ego

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti explains Aham (Ego, “I do” consciousness, or second subjectivity) “Matter is the crudest manifestation of citta and citta is a metamorphosed form of Cosmic Consciousness. The two subtler manifestations of Cosmic Consciousness, the Mahattattva and Ahaḿtattva, are … Continue reading

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Relative Truth is Objective

Image credit What is relative truth? Cosmos is the relative truth. The term “relative” refers to the derivative nature of the Cosmos. Is there an absolute truth? Yes, there is. Godhead (Absolute Being, Consciousness with capital “C”) is the absolute … Continue reading

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On Receptivity

Image credit I am not an intellectual in the classic sense. I don’t read a lot of books like intellectuals do. I follow my inner voice and pursue subjects that I have some natural receptivity. I don’t think hard on … Continue reading

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Coupling between past and future

Prediction is the hardest intellectual problem. It seems that we need to know everything about the Cosmos to predict the future accurately. I am not sure that even omniscience is enough because there is an intrinsic uncertainty in the Cosmos. … Continue reading

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More cryptic notes

In my previous post titled “Model of a Model,” I mentioned that I was going to write a post on the many interpretations of the quantum mechanical wavefunction. It turned out to be quite a project. It will be a … Continue reading

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It is not just semantics

Words matter in Spiritual Philosophy Basis of existence is Consciousness; everything was created out of Consciousness. Materialists say that this is just semantics. Now replace the word “Consciousness” with “matter” Basis of existence is matter; everything was created out of … Continue reading

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What is your law?

I will continue with my Edge series. Previous postings were: Edge What questions are you asking yourself? The 2004 Edge question was: What is your law? I have multiple laws: The first one below has been mentioned by countless people … Continue reading

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What questions are you asking yourself?

I was not planning to answer the questions posed by the Edge society mentioned in my previous post but I changed my mind. I think it can be fun. I will start with the 1998 question which was: What questions … Continue reading

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Academic Studies of Consciousness

Academic institutions in America are dominated by scientific materialists. This does not stop the courageous pioneer scientists who work on consciousness. Knowing the circumstances I cannot stress enough how courageous these scientists are.  One of these academicians is David Chalmers who … Continue reading

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Inspiring Metaphors: Line and Point

A conversation with Peter Francis Dziuban* inspired this metaphor. There is a duality between the “point” and the “line” which is apparently different but a line looks like a point when viewed from a different angle (head-on). Therefore the “point” … Continue reading

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