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Relative Truth is Objective

Image credit What is relative truth? Cosmos is the relative truth. The term “relative” refers to the derivative nature of the Cosmos. Is there an absolute truth? Yes, there is. Godhead (Absolute Being, Consciousness with capital “C”) is the absolute … Continue reading

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The seven mysteries of life according to Guy Murchie

Guy Murchie (1907-1997) wrote an inspiring book titled The Seven Mysteries of Life [1]. He completed this book in 17 years. It is one of my favorite books. I return to it periodically for inspiration. He was a school teacher, … Continue reading

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Intuitional Science (3) – Few Comments on Mind and Matter

I have been thinking about the concept of Hypostatic Union (hypostasis). This concept was discussed among the Christian philosophers. It refers to the incarnation of Divinity. I will not discuss Christian theology. Instead, I will start by mentioning Leibniz’s interpretation … Continue reading

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