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Wonderful Art of Angela Gonzales 1967-1998

Fermilab History and Archives Project has a web page where the links to the wonderful art of Angela Gonzales are listed. http://history.fnal.gov/Gonzales_Exhibit/index.html “Angela Lahs Gonzales was the 11th employee at Fermilab, then called the National Accelerator Laboratory. For more than … Continue reading

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The Legacy of the Tevatron by S.D. Holmes and V.D. Shiltsev

In Chris Quigg’s Twitter feed I discovered this gem: The Legacy of the Tevatron in the Area of Accelerator Science by Stephen D. Holmes and Vladimir D. Shiltsev. I was a post-doctoral researcher at Fermilab between August 1988-November 1992. During … Continue reading

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FERMILAB History and Archives Project

All universities and national laboratories should maintain historical archives. The Fermilab History and Archives Project is exemplary. You can start with “A Brief History of Fermilab” and continue with “Significant Staff” and then explore the entire website. When I was at Fermilab between … Continue reading

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There is a building known as the Grace Building in New York City. It is on the 42nd street across the Bryant Park. The architecture of this building with its concave vertical slopes of its north and south facades remind … Continue reading

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How to convert mundane into spiritual

In my daily walks in Manhattan I see thousands of people in a short period of time. Bryant Park is very close to my office and it is one of my favorite parks in the city so I go there … Continue reading

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