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Different kinds of connectivity

We are talking to each other or writing to each other or reading and “liking” each other’s blog. We are connected. Ours is not a physical connection. I would describe it as mind-to-mind connection. Soul-to-soul connection is the most mysterious. … Continue reading

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Happiness in All Languages

Image credit For human beings the most basic instinct is the search for happiness. This innate human characteristic is more fundamental than the instincts for survival and reproduction. My sincere hope is that these words and pictograms below give you … Continue reading

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Mars Curiosity

http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/msl/ I watched a documentary on NASA’s Curiosity rover with teary eyes. It may be surprising for non-scientists to hear that scientists can be so emotional over a technical and scientific matter! My tears were the tears of happiness because … Continue reading

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Do not let your imperfections hold you back

I write about the human ideal of merger with the Cosmic Consciousness. I say that the ego is the main obstacle towards reaching that goal. I say ego is the veil that hides the truth. Over the last 30 years … Continue reading

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Baba Nam Kevalam

Baba Nam Kevalam Baba  : the Beloved,  the affectionate way to address the Parama Purusha (God, Cosmic Consciousness) Nam : Name Kevalam : all that exists, all there is The explanation from Ananda Marga web site is: Baba means “my most … Continue reading

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Definitions from the Web basic principles of the cosmos; wordnet.princeton.edu/perl/webwn the principle that orders the universe; one’s conduct in conformity with such a principle; one’s obligation in respect to one’s position in society; the teachings of the Buddha; one’s path … Continue reading

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What is Devotion?

I never thought I would one day write an essay titled “What is Devotion?” I thought “devotion” was self-explanatory. But, every time I mentioned “devotion” there was either silence or questions. I now recognize that there is a linguistic barrier … Continue reading

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Spiritual Undercurrents of Anatolia

Turkish (Anatolian) society is going through a tumultuous transformation. On the surface, it seems as though the society is becoming more dogmatic. Sunni Islam is taking over all state institutions. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Mustafa … Continue reading

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Spiritual Surrender

It is difficult to write about spiritual surrender. It is a sensitive and easily misunderstood subject. I don’t want to make it personal but without a personal narrative it is impossible to explain this principle. Spiritual surrender was the most … Continue reading

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