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Spiritual quantum jump

In my previous post, I described my initiation experience in Istanbul in 1980. Dada K. (the meditation teacher who initiated me) returned to India in 1981. He has been living in India since then. I have not seen him or … Continue reading

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The year of 1980 was a turning point in my life. In the summer of 1980 the social unrest in Turkey was getting out of control. On September 12, 1980 the military took over the government promising to end the … Continue reading

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Relative Truth is Objective

Image credit What is relative truth? Cosmos is the relative truth. The term “relative” refers to the derivative nature of the Cosmos. Is there an absolute truth? Yes, there is. Godhead (Absolute Being, Consciousness with capital “C”) is the absolute … Continue reading

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Deep interest but no strong urge to visit

I visited Rumi’s shrine in Konya in 2010. It was my first visit and I was 50 years old. I grew up in Turkey and I have always been interested in Sufism but I was never able to bring myself … Continue reading

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Sound Archetype: YA

Introduction Certain sound archetypes are firmly imprinted in human consciousness. They permeate the languages of many cultures. The origins of sound archetypes and connections to Semiotics and Phonosemantics were argued in the article titled “Sound Archetypes” [1]. In that article … Continue reading

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