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After reading John D. Barrow’s “The Book of Universes” I realized that I cannot avoid the subject of singularity any longer. Like infinity singularity is an intractable subject. Thinking too much on infinity or singularity will surely lead you to … Continue reading

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Infinity Express

Human mind is incapable of understanding infinity but we try with these concepts. Uncountable Innumerable Preclusive of numbers Eternal Never-ending Ever-lasting Ever-present Free of attributes Dimensionless Limitless Endless Formless Unbounded Unmanifested Immeasurable Not within the scope of measurement Beyond the … Continue reading

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Secret of the Universe

I often ask my 12 year old son about the secret of the universe, hoping that God gives me a hint through him. He always says that we will never know the secret. Having been trained as a physicist I … Continue reading

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Inspiring Metaphors: Line and Point

A conversation with Peter Francis Dziuban* inspired this metaphor. There is a duality between the “point” and the “line” which is apparently different but a line looks like a point when viewed from a different angle (head-on). Therefore the “point” … Continue reading

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A Fundamental Principle

Introduction Absolute Unqualified Consciousness (Godhead, Nirguna Brahma, Absolute Being, Ein Sof, Alam-i Hahut), or whatever name you invent to describe the indescribable infinity of love and bliss, is totally beyond mind and comprehension. It is an undivided whole. Creation is … Continue reading

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