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Axion the particle

Image: REAPR Experiment at Fermilab In recent months and days we have started hearing more and more about the axion particle. I am interested in the axion proposal because it is the only theorized particle that turns into a photon … Continue reading

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Recent changes in Earth’s magnetic field

Image credit According to geologic record in the minerals, Earth’s magnetic dipole polarity reversed many times during the planet’s 4.5 billion year history. The average time between reversals is 250 thousand years.  There were no reversals in the last 780 … Continue reading

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Fundamental Origin of the Magnetic Field

Image credit (Large Helical Device project in Japan) The Relative Truth is Objective article is one of my favorites. In that article there is a section subtitled “Why do we use the word relative?” where I use the example of electromagnetism to demonstrate … Continue reading

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Life on Earth critically depends on the magnetic field

Life on Earth critically depends on Earth’s magnetic field. We should know more about it and the dynamo that generates it. Compasses point to the magnetic north pole. Birds follow the magnetic field lines during their seasonal migrations. Earth’s magnetic … Continue reading

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