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Multiplication table of shapes

I congratulate Tai-Danae Bradley for her excellent mathematics blog. In this blogpost she has a wonderful drawing about the multiplication of shapes. “Given any two shapes X and Y, their product X×Y is the shape whose vertical cross sections look … Continue reading

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Geometrical versus Topological

NYC geographical map shown below is an example of geometrical representation. The distances between the boroughs of NYC are proportional to the actual distances. NYC subway diagram shown below is an example of topological representation. On this topological map the distances between the boroughs … Continue reading

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image credit I feel so ashamed for not knowing much about al-Biruni – the polymath who lived in the 11’th century. His name was brought to my attention by a newspaper article announcing the establishment of a new private university … Continue reading

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Maryam Mirzakhani: the first woman to win a Fields Medal

Image credit Maryam Mirzakhani — a 37-year-old mathematics professor at Stanford University — was awarded a Fields Medal. She is the first woman to win a Fields Medal – the most prestigious prize in mathematics. The Fields Medal is awarded every four … Continue reading

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A selection of resources on mathematics, physics and philosophy

In my previous post I mentioned the existence of a “collective mechanism” that pays attention to improvements/innovations in individual expressions. I try to do my part and bring the reader’s attention to excellent educational resources on math, physics and philosophy. I … Continue reading

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Three Worlds and Three Mysteries of Penrose

“Platonic-mathematical, physical, and mental – has its own kind of reality, and where each is (deeply and mysteriously) founded in the one that preceeds it (the worlds being taken cyclicly). I like to think that , in a sense, the … Continue reading

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Save these physics tutorials (1)

There is redundancy in the mathematical description of physical reality. The redundancy has been increasing exponentially since the beginning of the 20’th century. We have different theories to describe the microscopic and macroscopic phenomena, for example. I am not talking … Continue reading

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Symbols for zero appeared in many cultures Before Common Era (BCE). The philosophical conception of zero, however, is usually attributed to the Indian philosophy. The evidence is in the Sanskrit language. The Sanskrit word “shunya” meaning “emptiness” or “void” was … Continue reading

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Super Modeler Function

Data modeling capabilities of this function is limitless. X is a continous variable. S, R, T are constants. By changing the constants see how the Super Modeler Function is behaving. In the graphs below the horizontal axis is the X … Continue reading

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