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On Receptivity

Image credit I am not an intellectual in the classic sense. I don’t read a lot of books like intellectuals do. I follow my inner voice and pursue subjects that I have some natural receptivity. I don’t think hard on … Continue reading

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The most powerful force in the universe is the attraction of a mystery. We fear the unknown but we are attracted to it.  The powerful attraction of the hidden truth is irresistible. We cannot accept the possibility of a random … Continue reading

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Secret of the Universe

I often ask my 12 year old son about the secret of the universe, hoping that God gives me a hint through him. He always says that we will never know the secret. Having been trained as a physicist I … Continue reading

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Unity of Being (Absolute Monism)

Introduction Unity of Being and Absolute Monism refer to the same concept. There is only ONE Absolute Being in existence. Cosmos including all the physical universes and the infinite number of souls are transformations or internal reflections of this Absolute Being … Continue reading

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Spiritual Surrender

It is difficult to write about spiritual surrender. It is a sensitive and easily misunderstood subject. I don’t want to make it personal but without a personal narrative it is impossible to explain this principle. Spiritual surrender was the most … Continue reading

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