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Save these physics tutorials (1)

There is redundancy in the mathematical description of physical reality. The redundancy has been increasing exponentially since the beginning of the 20’th century. We have different theories to describe the microscopic and macroscopic phenomena, for example. I am not talking … Continue reading

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Meaning of Duality in Physics

The literal meaning of the word “dual” implies two but in philosophy “dual” usually means “not one.” In physics dual means equivalent. There are multiple descriptions of physical reality. These descriptions are not necessarily equivalent but if they are then … Continue reading

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Anthropic Principle in Physics and Spiritual Philosophy

Introduction The anthropic principle is often used as a weapon in the tiresome debates between “creationists” and “scientific materialists”. Resistance of “scientific materialists” to the idea of Divinity is rooted in their individual psychological development and the sociology of the … Continue reading

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