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Theoretical Aspects of Ego

This is the 7th installment of my “ego” series. The first six were: Observing Ego Knowing ego No anger, no envy Selfishness Over-intellectualism Transparent Ego All six deal with the practical aspects of ego in the context of spiritual practice. … Continue reading

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Why boxing films are always popular

Have you ever wondered why the films about boxers are always popular? Many memorable films come to mind. You might find the list at IMDb interesting. The boxer who takes many blows but still stands is a symbol of human … Continue reading

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Textual Analysis and Psychological Dictionaries

It is becoming common these days for researchers to comb through and process large data sets such as tweets and other web based data. The purpose of such research is to determine the general mood of the society. Researchers are … Continue reading

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Baba’s Istanbul Discourses (1): Mysticism and Yoga

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti visited Istanbul in 1979. I was a third year student in Boğaziçi University at that time and I did not know about him. He gave 3 lectures in English on September 14 and 15 in 1979.  I … Continue reading

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