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Best Explanations of Renormalization in Quantum Field Theory

image credit Renormalization in Quantum Field Theory is a complex subject. I tried to collect the accessible explanations. I hope this helps. John Preskill in “We are all Wilsonians now” John Baez on renormalization Sean Carroll’s explanation Renormalization for philosophers … Continue reading

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image credit: Rolf Landua In my blog post titled “Short descriptions of Quantum Field Theory” I have quotations from famous physicists. The first quotation is from Lisa Randall’s book “Warped Passages” (Harper Perennial, 2005) “Quantum field theory, the tool with … Continue reading

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On the concept of scalar field

In physics (cosmology) “…scalar fields—fields that look the same no matter how you view them, but can contain energy or pressure. Their high level of symmetry suggests that one would be most likely to find them in the earliest moments … Continue reading

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Few Metaphysical Comments on Quantum Gravity

Physicists have been trying to unify the theories of gravity and quantum phenomena in a mathematical framework but this project has proved to be extremely difficult. The SEP article on Quantum Gravity says that “Such a theory is expected to be … Continue reading

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Short Descriptions of Quantum Field Theory

Lisa Randall Warped Passages, Harper Perennial (2005) “Quantum field theory, the tool with which we study particles, is based on eternal, omnipresent objects that can create and destroy those particles. These objects are the ‘fields’ of quantum field theory. Like … Continue reading

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Why so many fields?

Physicists are making heroic efforts to unify the known forces of the universe but they seem to be too liberal with the number of fields. I believe in the grand idea of “unification” in physics. In the last 150 years … Continue reading

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Intuitional Science (6) – Substance, Quanta, Wavelength

It seems that Scholastic philosophers were obsessed with the concept of “substance.” The Rationalists continued the discussion. When Empiricism emerged the concept of “substance” was slowly forgotten. In the age of science no one talks about “substance” anymore. I was … Continue reading

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Golden Biquaternions, 3 Generations and Spin

This paper was originally published at Google Knol on December 19, 2009 http://knol.google.com/k/golden-biquaternions-3-generations-and-spin Google discontinued the Knol platform on May 1, 2012. Contact: sureshemre at gmail Abstract We show that a particular solution of the golden condition for biquaternions and … Continue reading

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