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Few reminders about quantum teleportation

image credit: Nature People have the notion that the process known as “quantum teleportation” allows us to send messages (information) instantly. Wrong! I thought it would be a good idea to share few facts about quantum teleportation. Here’s a short … Continue reading

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3 No’s of Quantum Physics

image credit ♦  No particle can be entangled with more than one particle at a time. This is known as the “monogamy of entanglement“. “If two systems are strongly entangled then each of them cannot be entangled very much with … Continue reading

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Cartoon guide to quantum computing by Scott Aaronson and Zach Weinersmith

Scott Aaronson and Zach Weinersmith worked on a wonderful educational project. They explain Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Computing very concisely in the cartoon format. When I viewed the visuals and read the text I appreciated Scott Aaronson’s talent in stating the … Continue reading

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Interesting karma between Einstein and Bohr

I had a new year’s resolution never to mention Einstein in my posts again. Never say never again! I have a new resolution. I will mention his name as part of physics exposition but I will no longer comment on … Continue reading

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Gerard ‘t Hooft’s thoughts on the quantum nature of the universe

Image credit Gerard ‘t Hooft is one of my heros in physics. My other heros are Albert Einstein and Roger Penrose. Gerard ‘t Hooft  is known for his brilliance and clarity of thought. All his papers are examples of clear … Continue reading

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Few Metaphysical Comments on Quantum Gravity

Physicists have been trying to unify the theories of gravity and quantum phenomena in a mathematical framework but this project has proved to be extremely difficult. The SEP article on Quantum Gravity says that “Such a theory is expected to be … Continue reading

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Superposition Principle of Quantum Mechanics

Classical superposition principle Classical waves pass through each other. For a medium with linear restoring forces, any local displacement of the medium will be equal to the displacement represented by the linear combination of the displacements produced by the interfering … Continue reading

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Complementarity Principle of Quantum Mechanics

Niels Bohr regarded the “complementarity principle” as the most fundamental principle of Quantum Mechanics, He introduced the concept of “complementarity” in his Como Lecture in 1927. The formal presentation [1] was given in his book “Atomic theory and the description … Continue reading

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Unitarity Principle of Quantum Mechanics

In 1926, Max Born suggested that the probability of finding an elementary particle such as an electron in a given location is . The  is known as the quantum mechanical wavefunction. You can read more about the quantum mechanical wavefunction … Continue reading

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Cognitive Instability

There are very few sources on the web other than Sean Carroll’s blog that mentions the concept of cognitive instability. In his book “From Eternity to Here” and in his blog posts he credited David Albert for the origination of … Continue reading

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Tension between Quantum Mechanics and Relativity

Universal speed limit In the late 19’th century it was noticed that the speed of light is independent of the reference frame. For example, the speed of light emitted from a fast moving train is the same as the speed … Continue reading

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No space, no time, just events

No space, no time, just events! This is not necessarily my view of the world but it sounds familiar. According to the ancient wisdom traditions there is an abstract world and the physical world is a just a shadow of … Continue reading

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Explanation of why QM wavefunction is complex valued

In my previous post titled “QM wavefunction and its many interpretations” I stressed the fact that the quantum mechanical wavefunction is complex valued. This means that and the algebra of complex numbers are essential ingredients of the quantum mechanical wavefuntion. … Continue reading

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Yalçın Koç the Philosopher Physicist

I took classes from Yalçın Koç when I attended Boğaziçi University in Istanbul. He looked and acted very differently from all the other professors. He cut a distinguished figure on campus with his athletic build and a long red beard reminiscent … Continue reading

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Internalizing ideas and theories

Apparently the subject of internalization is widely studied in academic psychology and sociology. I am not an expert in the academic aspects of internalization but I am cognizant of my own mental processes. I wanted to share some of my … Continue reading

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Past is a particle, future is a wave

I am reading John D. Barrow’s book “the Book of Universes.” This is one of the best books I have read in recent years. This is a very readable book. There are human stories in it too. Cosmologists are very … Continue reading

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Coupling between past and future

Prediction is the hardest intellectual problem. It seems that we need to know everything about the Cosmos to predict the future accurately. I am not sure that even omniscience is enough because there is an intrinsic uncertainty in the Cosmos. … Continue reading

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Nonlocal Correlations in Quantum Mechanics

I hope to write more on this subject in the future. I posted this on the Knol platform originally. Knol does not exist anymore but this one deserves to be read I thought. The article by Nicholas Gisin titled “Quantum … Continue reading

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Why is uncertainty intrinsic in the Cosmos?

There is an intrinsic uncertainty in the physical universe as detailed by quantum mechanics. I think that this intrinsic uncertainty extends to the wider Cosmos (totality of physical, mental and spiritual universes). Why is uncertainty intrinsic? The root cause of … Continue reading

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Divine Time, Causal Time, Physical Time

Discussion of time will never end. We will never exhaust this subject. My short review today was inspired by a dear friend who has been thinking deeply on the subject of time and asking me difficult questions. I cannot answer … Continue reading

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More cryptic notes

In my previous post titled “Model of a Model,” I mentioned that I was going to write a post on the many interpretations of the quantum mechanical wavefunction. It turned out to be quite a project. It will be a … Continue reading

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Model of a Model

Is physics describing reality, phenomena or measurements? It is important to understand the distinction between reality, phenomena and measurements. It is also important to be aware of the distinction between physical reality and higher (subtler) states of reality. One could … Continue reading

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Few Comments on the Microscopic Black Holes

In 2008, before the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) was turned on there was a concern that LHC would create microscopic black holes and they would grow in size causing the end of the world. LHC has been operating successfully since … Continue reading

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New Perspective on the Quantum Mechanical Nature: Seeking Freedom

Consciousness escapes the confinement of its own doing in myriad ways. Such is the Cosmic Play! Consciousness seeks freedom and liberation from bondage.  Consciousness achieves liberation through life. Escape mechanisms are different expressions of life. Quantum mechanical nature is one … Continue reading

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Conditional Probability

The concept of conditional probability is not properly taught in schools. Bayes formula is mentioned but the table technique is rarely discussed.  It is important to point out that the conditional probability table is an implementation of the Bayes formula. … Continue reading

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It is not just semantics

Words matter in Spiritual Philosophy Basis of existence is Consciousness; everything was created out of Consciousness. Materialists say that this is just semantics. Now replace the word “Consciousness” with “matter” Basis of existence is matter; everything was created out of … Continue reading

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Golden Biquaternions, 3 Generations and Spin

This paper was originally published at Google Knol on December 19, 2009 http://knol.google.com/k/golden-biquaternions-3-generations-and-spin Google discontinued the Knol platform on May 1, 2012. Contact: sureshemre at gmail Abstract We show that a particular solution of the golden condition for biquaternions and … Continue reading

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Review of the Concept of Time in Physics

Time as Motion In Classical Mechanics (branch of physics dealing with macroscopic objects), past and future play the same role in the description of the motion. The equations of motion are symmetric in time. If you record the motion of … Continue reading

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Analytic Process Always Causes Multiplicity

What is analysis? Dividing Separating Differentiating Slicing and dicing Examining the differences Increasing the resolution of a view Examining the change Examining the rate of change Identifying the components Identifying the constituents Identifying the frequency components Spectral analysis Demarcation Duality … Continue reading

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