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Metaphysics is a misunderstood word

Image credit I noticed that people have very different notions of metaphysics. Even among the physicists the connotations of metaphysics vary widely. Let’s start with the literal meaning of metaphysics. The word meta usually means an abstraction from another concept … Continue reading

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Relative Truth is Objective

Image credit What is relative truth? Cosmos is the relative truth. The term “relative” refers to the derivative nature of the Cosmos. Is there an absolute truth? Yes, there is. Godhead (Absolute Being, Consciousness with capital “C”) is the absolute … Continue reading

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Intuitional Science (1) – Definition

This is the first piece of a series. I wanted to classify these writings under the “Intuitional Science” category. My understanding of the term is a little different from the traditional meaning. In the past the term “Intuitional Science” was … Continue reading

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A Fundamental Principle

Introduction Absolute Unqualified Consciousness (Godhead, Nirguna Brahma, Absolute Being, Ein Sof, Alam-i Hahut), or whatever name you invent to describe the indescribable infinity of love and bliss, is totally beyond mind and comprehension. It is an undivided whole. Creation is … Continue reading

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