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The 500 article milestone: time for reflection

This is my 501st article in the Renaissance Universal blog. Before this one I have published 492 (dated) posts and 8 (undated) pages here. I have another blog for my Turkish readers (98 posts and 10 pages so far). The … Continue reading

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Parity Transformation

In physics “parity transformation” is a special kind of reflection. Parity transformation cannot be expressed as a rotation. Do not confuse the parity transformation in physics with the parity concept in mathematics. Let be a function and the parity transformation … Continue reading

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Light reflecting off water is polarized

The glare which is due to the polarization of the reflected light by nonmetallic surfaces bothers people but sometimes it turns into a blissful vision. Image credit: unpolarized light bouncing off the surface of water becoming horizontally polarized. I enjoyed … Continue reading

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