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Few comments on the pratityasamutpada concept

“The word ‘interdependence’ is a translation of the Sanskrit pratityasamutpada, which means ‘to be by co-emergence’ and is usually translated as ‘dependent origination.’ The saying can be interpreted in two complementary ways. The first is ‘this arises because that is’, … Continue reading

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Tension between Quantum Mechanics and Relativity

Universal speed limit In the late 19’th century it was noticed that the speed of light is independent of the reference frame. For example, the speed of light emitted from a fast moving train is the same as the speed … Continue reading

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Fun with Aphorisms

I love aphorisms. Ancient Greeks loved aphorisms too. My paternal ancestry is rooted in Anatolia and Greece. That may explain my fondness for aphorisms. I don’t create aphorisms intentionally but I was blessed with few over the years. I wanted … Continue reading

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Intuitional Science (2) – Golden Equation

g – 1/g = 1 is the golden equation. This equation is a symbolic representation of one of the most important principles in creation golden equation describes the primordial generator golden equation is telling us that if the primordial field … Continue reading

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Prometheus and Chronos

Paul Manship’s bronze gilded statue of Prometheus bringing fire to mankind, features prominently in the sunken plaza at the front of 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City. The inscription from Aeschylus, on the granite wall behind, reads: “Prometheus, teacher … Continue reading

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