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Not all scientists are atheists

Huffpost Science (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/science/) is doing an excellent job. I congratulate their editors. Their news articles are very informative and readable. But, I have mixed feelings about their blog entries. Huffpost Science editors are very smart. They know how to maximize … Continue reading

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Universal Spirituality: misunderstood in all ages and countries

When I was a young man in Turkey in the 70’s I had to defend my views on universal spirituality against the dialectic materialists. In those years there was a strong socialist movement in Turkey supported by Soviet Union and … Continue reading

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God loves atheists too

In recent years atheists have gotten bolder. This new atheist attitude started in academia and quickly spread to the popular media. We see them appearing and hosting TV shows. Their manifestos and popularized science books are selling briskly. Publishers are … Continue reading

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