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Useful metaphysics

I envision a new discipline that would be a unique blend of physics, metaphysics and spiritual philosophy combining the analytical approach with the synthetic approach. A practitioner of this new discipline would not be shy about using mathematical language and … Continue reading

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A rare good news from Middle East: SESAME opens

image credit I mentioned SESAME in a post last year. SESAME is the Middle East’s first synchrotron light source.  It is located in Allan, Jordan. SESAME is a joint project of Cyprus, Egypt, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Pakistan and also … Continue reading

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Microvita links

For the last three decades my margii friends have been encouraging me to work on the Microvita theory. I have been resisting this because I don’t know where to start. I am overwhelmed by the enormity of the task. I always … Continue reading

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EDGE 2016 question and 198 responses by the invited contributors

Nicholas Humphrey Edge-Serpentine Gallery-MAPS for the 21st Century ************************************************** The EDGE 2016 question: What do you consider the most interesting recent [scientific] news? What makes it important? You can find the 198 responses by the invited contributors at the following url: … Continue reading

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The Crackpot Index versus the Anti-Crackpot Index

People with new ideas are often attacked by the people who are invested in the old ideas. Sometimes it is an ego thing. Intellectuals attack an idea just because it is not their idea. This goes on at all levels … Continue reading

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Art and Science for Service and Beatitude

Image credit It has been a while since I used the slogan “Art and Science for Service and Beatitude.” I was very fond of this slogan in my younger days. I love the word “beatitude” which may have Christian connotations … Continue reading

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Statistics for Physics PhDs conferred in the US

References https://www.aip.org/sites/default/files/statistics/graduate/graddegrees-p-08.pdf https://www.aip.org/sites/default/files/statistics/employment/phdinitemp-p-12.pdf  

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Tesla Corner

I have daily walks in the Bryant Park twice a day regularly. Many times, when I am in the park I remember Nikola Tesla. The south-west corner of the Bryant Park is designated as the Nikola Tesla Corner. His laboratory … Continue reading

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Simple, explanatory, predictive

That’s how the scientific theories should be: simple, explanatory, predictive. Paul Steinhardt expressed it in these terms in an interview with John Horgan recently. Peter Woit reported it and I wanted to report it here as well. I could not … Continue reading

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Average citations per article for different disciplines

The chart [1] below shows the average number of citations a typical paper gets over many years. These numbers are averages over many papers and many years. Some papers get thousands of citations and others get no citations. The distribution … Continue reading

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An academic friend of mine mentioned that his H-index was 12. He is a professor of medicine at a major university in Turkey. He was very proud of this accomplishment. I have been away from academia for a long time … Continue reading

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Light reflecting off water is polarized

The glare which is due to the polarization of the reflected light by nonmetallic surfaces bothers people but sometimes it turns into a blissful vision. Image credit: unpolarized light bouncing off the surface of water becoming horizontally polarized. I enjoyed … Continue reading

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Difference between correlation and causation

This is the first article in my “causality” series. Please see the index for a list of the other posts in this series. In my day job I deal with probability and statistics. I use words like correlation, standard error … Continue reading

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Live map of the winds across the Earth

The live map of the winds across the Earth Once the image comes up you can rotate the Earth image using your mouse (click on the image and move the mouse while pressing the mouse button) and see the green … Continue reading

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A Commentary on “Vibration, Form and Colour”

In his discourse titled “Vibration, Form and Colour” [1], Shrii Shrii Anandamurti reminded us the following facts: Each “vibration” has “form” Each “form” has “colour” Therefore, each “vibration” must have “colour” as well. What is vibration? Shrii Shrii Anandamurti tells … Continue reading

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Key Questions of Particle Physics

Are there undiscovered principles of nature: new symmetries, new physical laws? How can we solve the mystery of dark energy? Dark energy that permeates empty space must have a quantum explanation. Is it related to the Higgs field? Are there … Continue reading

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Elementary Particle Facts

Please contact sureshemre at gmail for corrections or suggestions. Every spin=1/2 or spin=1 particle type has an anti-particle type. In some cases (photon for example) particle and it’s anti-particle are the same. If the particle has electric charge then its … Continue reading

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Einstein’s 1921 Nobel Prize in 1922 and the Ceremony He Did Not Attend

Einstein could have received 2 Nobel prizes. One for the photoelectric effect and another for the theory of relativity. Einstein was first nominated for the Nobel Prize in 1910 by the chemistry laureate Wilhelm Ostwald. In the next 10 years, … Continue reading

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My Favorite Books

I excluded fiction from this list. I also excluded many scientific and technical books which are truly my favorites but they would not be appropriate here. Another excluded category is the esoteric books. The following are the books that I … Continue reading

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