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Difference between pseudoscience, metaphysics, spiritual philosophy and science

Science is good, metaphysics is good, spiritual philosophy is great but pseudoscience is bad. This is my position. If you ask scientists they would say “science is good, metaphysics is bad, and pseudoscience is very bad.” Scientists would not differentiate … Continue reading

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How Do I Know?

How do I know what I know? When I say space-time-matter emerged from the primordial fabric I get the usual question: “how do you know?” When I say ‘the primordial fabric is a formation within the Cosmic Mind’ the critical … Continue reading

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Thales of Miletus

Thales of Miletus (ca.624 BC – ca.546 BC), was a philosopher from Miletus in Asia Minor (Anatolia). Physicists consider him as the first physicist in history. His writings did not survive. The major source for Thales’ philosophy and science is Aristotle. … Continue reading

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