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Few stats about Turkish Economy and Society

The Turkish Statistics Institute provides a lot of data about Turkish economy and society. You can use the English version or the Turkish version of their website. They provide Excel spreadsheets. You have to do some work to extract the … Continue reading

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The year of 1980 was a turning point in my life. In the summer of 1980 the social unrest in Turkey was getting out of control. On September 12, 1980 the military took over the government promising to end the … Continue reading

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Sometimes it takes courage to become a vegetarian

In 1980, after I became involved with Ananda Marga I felt that I was in a vortex, a wonderful vortex that transformed me completely. The most visible change was my vegetarianism. I became one of the few vegetarians in the … Continue reading

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A Universal Answer to an American Question on Mystical Feelings

“When do you have the mystical feelings? During shower or when you are shaving?” A Sufi of the Mevlevi order was asked this question by an American journalist during an interview. I don’t know the exact English words of the … Continue reading

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Black Sea Deluge

I was born in a small town by the Black Sea. It was a coal mining town. There were breath-taking views from the plateau on top of the hills where every one lived. Nobody lived at the sea level. The … Continue reading

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Overwhelming Beauty

Last month, I had guests from Turkey. I did my best to show them the daily life in NYC. I shared my enthusiasm and affection for this city. I have grown very fond of New York City after the tragedy … Continue reading

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Image credit How pleasant, oh dear God, how pleasant To journey on the blue sea To cast off from shore Aimless as thought. I would set sail to the wind And wander from sea to sea To find myself one … Continue reading

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The most powerful force in the universe is the attraction of a mystery. We fear the unknown but we are attracted to it.  The powerful attraction of the hidden truth is irresistible. We cannot accept the possibility of a random … Continue reading

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Mystery of Mount Ararat

Mt. Ararat is shrouded in mystery. The legends of the Great Deluge and Noah’s Ark contributed to the mystery but there are other reasons. It is understandable that human imagination runs wild when it comes to Mt. Ararat because it … Continue reading

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Deep interest but no strong urge to visit

I visited Rumi’s shrine in Konya in 2010. It was my first visit and I was 50 years old. I grew up in Turkey and I have always been interested in Sufism but I was never able to bring myself … Continue reading

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Random Comments on the Turkish Language

My native language is Turkish. I grew up in northern Turkey. I started learning English in high school but it was already too late. The language processing part of my brain was already formed according to Turkish syntax. In 1981 … Continue reading

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Salonika, you are on my mind

My paternal grandparents were forced to immigrate to Turkey from a village near Salonika. This happened in 1923 as part of the “mübadele”  (population exchange between Greece and Turkey). They were traumatized by this experience all their lives. When they … Continue reading

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Spiritual Undercurrents of Anatolia

Turkish (Anatolian) society is going through a tumultuous transformation. On the surface, it seems as though the society is becoming more dogmatic. Sunni Islam is taking over all state institutions. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Mustafa … Continue reading

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