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Primordial qubit network perspective

If you read the recent articles [1][2][3][4] you will realize that more and more physicists are thinking of space-time and gravity as emergent phenomena. These days it is fashionable to think of the primordial fabric of the universe as a … Continue reading

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NYC Subway Musings

I take subways in New York City everyday. Depending on the time of the day and the specific line the subways can be very crowded. During rush hour it is not uncommon to be face to face with a total … Continue reading

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Anthropic Principle in Physics and Spiritual Philosophy

Introduction The anthropic principle is often used as a weapon in the tiresome debates between “creationists” and “scientific materialists”. Resistance of “scientific materialists” to the idea of Divinity is rooted in their individual psychological development and the sociology of the … Continue reading

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Each unit of Cosmos has a center or nucleus which is the identity (the I of the entity). In spiritual philosophy the center=nucleus=identity is also known as the “I am consciousness” or simply as “unit consciousness”. The unit consciousness (atman) is connected to … Continue reading

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Immanence and Transcendence

The divine essence is both immanent and transcendent. Is this a paradox? There is a way to gain insights into this apparent paradox. Mental clarity can be found by considering the special relativity of consciousness. What is generally understood by … Continue reading

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A Fundamental Principle

Introduction Absolute Unqualified Consciousness (Godhead, Nirguna Brahma, Absolute Being, Ein Sof, Alam-i Hahut), or whatever name you invent to describe the indescribable infinity of love and bliss, is totally beyond mind and comprehension. It is an undivided whole. Creation is … Continue reading

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