Notes (November 2019)

My favorite science magazine is Quanta. I follow physics news from sources mentioned here also. Every once in a while I check the articles at the EDGE as well. I would like to add another resource to the list:

Inference: International Review of Science

At Inference I am particularly interested in Sheldon Glashow’s articles. In terms of historical perspectives Jeremy Bernstein’s articles are very good. I worked with Emanuel Derman in the past. I recommend his article “Trading Volatility” as well. Here’s the other authors at Inference:

I lost count of the new centers for Quantum Computing. It seems that a new center is being established every other month. But, this one is special:

Fermilab Quantum Institute

Fermilab is the nation’s premier particle physics laboratory. Key discoveries of Fermilab are listed here. Research areas in the Fermilab Quantum Institute will be

Deconfined does not mean free.


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