Grand idea of Semantic Web is dying

It looks like the grand idea of Semantic Web is dying. That would be a shame!

This article ( Whatever happened to the Semantic Web? ) summarizes the state of the Semantic Web project as of 2018.

The official FAQ was last updated in 2009: Semantic Web FAQ

Last survey of participants in Semantic Web is from 2007: Jorge Cardoso, “The Semantic Web Vision: Where are We?” Intelligent Systems, IEEE 22(5):84 – 88 (October 2007), Alse see Semantic Web Wikipedia .

If Semantic Web is so hard to realize imagine how hard it would be to have a world-wide-knowledgebase. In my blogpost titled “Knowledgebase” I envisioned the development stages as follows. What we have so far is information curated by human beings. In the next step, information of the world will be curated by machines. That phase will be followed by another phase where human beings will organize the machine-curated information into an early form of world-wide-knowledgebase. Then there will be another phase dominated by machine processing. These human-touch and machine-touch dominated phases will follow each other.

Semantic Web is a necessary step towards the goal of having a network of knowledgebases. I hope there is a way to rejuvenate the Semantic Web idea.

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