Latest news and discussion on Google’s quantum supremacy experiment

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I follow the developments in quantum computing from various sources. My starting point is always the same: John Preskill’s Twitter feed.

The term “quantum supremacy” was first used by John Preskill. He explained his reasoning and concerns in a Quanta Magazine article titled “Why I Called It Quantum Supremacy“.

On October 23, 2019 the Google team headed by John Martinis (Chief Scientist Quantum Hardware) and Sergio Boixo (Chief Scientist Quantum Computing Theory), published a paper in Nature claiming that they achieved quantum supremacy in a specific task. Their announcement can be found in this URL

The scientific paper is open to public at the Nature site (click on the “Download PDF” button):

For a technical discussion of this quantum supremacy experiment I refer you to Scott Aaronson’s blog post:

IBM response to Google’s claim of quantum supremacy can be found here and here.

New York Times article on the quantum supremacy announcement can be found here.

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