CLA (circle, line, angle) symbolism

Circle is a symbol of confinement. Dimensionless point symbolizes freedom.

Straight line is a symbol of the escape from confinement. Straight line cannot symbolize freedom because line is a form. All forms are bounded therefore not free.

Circle is a form. Line is a form too. Forms have boundaries. Circle can be infinitely big but it has a boundary. Line can be infinitely long but it has a boundary as well.

Dimensionless point is the only symbol of freedom because it is the only boundless entity.

All geometrical forms are composed of formless points. All dimensional objects emerge from dimensionless points.

When the dimensionless point becomes a line an infinite number of points appear to be forming the line. The line can be viewed as a point by changing the viewing angle but the point cannot be viewed as a line. The point has to become a line.

Circle symbolizes the ego because ego confines the soul. Dimensionless point symbolizes the soul because soul is our connection to freedom.

When a circle is infinitesimally small it appears as a point. The symbolism suggests a way to attain freedom.

Soul is a great mystery!

Previously, I discussed the CLA symbolism in the context of the Confinement and Liberation hypothesis. The two fundamental factors Confinement (\mathbb{C}) and Liberation (\mathbb{L}) and their interaction/interplay modes can be used to build models of physical reality. More on this can be found in Confinement and Liberation.

In summary, \mathbb{C} can be symbolized as a circle and \mathbb{L} can be symbolized as a line. Initially, \mathbb{C} and \mathbb{L} are orthogonal as symbolized in the second figure of this page. Later, due to coupling, the “angle” manifests, followed by oscillations/rotations on the “circle” and the “line”.

CLA symbolism is one possible geometric representation of abstract factors \mathbb{C} and \mathbb{L}. One can find other geometric representations of the same abstract factors. For example, in the context of particle physics, the geometric concepts of “horizontal” and “vertical” can be very useful. See this paper for details where the two symbolisms – CLA symbolism and Horizontal/Vertical symbolism – are combined.

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