James Schombert’s lectures on cosmology

Abundance of elements in the universe as a function of the atomic number. 

I have discovered James Schombert’s web pages on astronomy and cosmology. Prof.  James Schombert is an observational astronomer whose research focuses upon galaxy evolution and formation, as well as topics in cosmology.

I appreciate Prof. Schombert’s sense of humor and the clarity and quality of his expositional writing.

James Schombert’s main page at the University of Oregon: http://abyss.uoregon.edu/~js/

Cosmology web pages:

main page: http://abyss.uoregon.edu/~js/cosmo/

  1. Ancient Cosmology
  2. Medieval Cosmology
  3. Newtonian Cosmology
  4. Clockwork Universe
  5. Cosmological Principle
  6. Relativity
  7. Elementary Particles
  8. Quantum Physics
  9. Exam 1
  10. Galaxies
  11. High Redshift Objects
  12. Creation
  13. Expanding Universe
  14. Geometry of the Universe
  15. Dynamics of the Universe
  16. Dark Matter/Energy
  17. Infinity/Horizons
  18. Exam 2
  19. Time
  20. Early Universe
  21. Inflation
  22. Baryongensis
  23. CMB
  24. Anthropic Principle
  25. Fate of the Universe
  26. Fermi’s Paradox
  27. Exam 3


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