My obsession with the pageview count

Popular YouTubers get 500K views for a single video. For bloggers this is rare because young people don’t read anymore. For a blogger like me who writes about physics, metaphysics and spiritual philosophy the pageviews are way lower. As of this writing (January 24, 2020),  my blog received 448K pageviews distributed over 600 articles over a decade. My earlier blogs at OpenSalon and Google-Knol received around 300K each but let’s not count those.

Do you realize how low 448K pageviews over a decade is? On the other hand, it is probably more than what is expected from a philosophy oriented blog.

By the way, I don’t pay for promotion services or advertisement to generate interest. The pageviews of this blog come entirely from people who are researching a subject on the internet.

Another factor that contributes to my low pageview count is that I don’t interact with other bloggers on the WordPress platform. I don’t get into heated discussions in popular physics blogs either. There are many promotion tactics. I do not do any of those.

I console myself by thinking that perhaps few people were inspired by the content of this blog. Even a single person would have made my effort worthwhile. Indeed, over the years more than a dozen scholars contacted me and few people thanked me for inspiration. I am grateful.

The distribution of pageviews as a function of the pageview rank will tell you a more complete story. Do you see how fast the curve comes down? This means that a hefty portion of the 448K pageviews were directed to the top 20 articles.

I see this as glass half-full. I’ll keep going.

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