Reading CERN Courier (2)

The online magazine CERN Courier is the most informative resource in particle and accelerator physics. This is the second installment of my “Reading CERN Courier” series.

Most read articles at CERN Courier

  1. Why does CP violation matter in the universe?  (John Ellis)
  2. The Higgs, supersymmetry and all that (John Ellis interview by Matthew Chalmers)
  3. China’s bid for a circular electron-positron collider (Jie Gao)
  4. The proton laid bare (Amanda Cooper-Sarkar and Mark Rayner)

In April 2020, “China’s bid for a circular electron-positron collider” was not in the top 4 most read list. This shows a growing concern among the the particle physicists of Europe that the center of particle physics may shift to China in the future.

My selection of CERN Courier articles after April 30, 2020

The search for leptonic CP violation

ESS under construction

Electron makeover is proposed for the SPS

ALPHA sheds light on antihydrogen’s fine structure

Muon-collider study initiated

KEK reclaims luminosity record

image source: KEK (A new record for the highest luminosity at a particle collider has been set by SuperKEKB at the KEK laboratory in Tsukuba, Japan)
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