Number of papers published by the Large Hadron Collider collaborations

source: CERN Courier

2852 papers: from the first publications in 2008 that described the detector designs, through 2012’s discovery of the Higgs Boson, all the way to CMS’s 1000th publication in 2020.” – CERN

“…along with the 2852 publications by CERN’s LHC experiments, a further 380 papers have been written by individuals on behalf of the collaboration, and another 10,879 articles (preprints, conference proceedings, etc.) from the LHC experiments that were not published in a journal.” – CERN Courier 

“The papers published by the four experiments received on average 112 citations per paper, compared to an average of 41 citations per paper across all experimental papers indexed in INSPIRE.” – CERN Courier

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