Latest finding from SWARM studying Earth’s magnetic field

I have written about ESA’s SWARM satellite constellation in 2015. In that post I mentioned this link that provides a wealth of information about the SWARM project.

Swarm – eoPortal Directory – Satellite Missions

SWARM scientists recently discovered [1] that more solar wind flows towards the magnetic north pole than towards the magnetic south pole.

“Because the south magnetic pole is further away from Earth’s spin axis than the north magnetic pole, an asymmetry is imposed on how much energy makes its way down towards Earth in the north and south. There seems to be a differential reflection of electromagnetic plasma waves, known as Alfven waves. We are not yet sure what the effects of this asymmetry might be, but it could also indicate a possible asymmetry in space weather and perhaps also between the Aurora Australis in the south and the Aurora Borealis in the north. Our findings also suggest that the dynamics of upper-atmospheric chemistry may vary between the hemispheres, especially during times of strong geomagnetic activity.” – Ivan Pakhotin (reported by SciTech Daily)

[1] “Northern preference for terrestrial electromagnetic energy input from space weather” by I. P. Pakhotin, I. R. Mann, K. Xie, J. K. Burchill and D. J. Knudsen, 8 January 2021, Nature Communications. DOI: 10.1038/s41467-020-20450-3

image credit: Wikipedia
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