Reading CERN Courier (1)

For those who follow particle physics closely the online magazine CERN Courier is probably the most informative resource.  I thought it would be a good idea to communicate my picks from CERN Courier. I hope to do this few times a year.

Most read articles:

  1. Why does CP violation matter in the universe?  (John Ellis)
  2. The Higgs, supersymmetry and all that (John Ellis is interviewed by Matthew Chalmers)
  3. The proton laid bare (Amanda Cooper-Sarkar and Mark Rayner)
  4. The day the world switched on to particle physics (Matthew Chalmers)

My picks:

Remembering Alvin Tollestrup: 1924-2020 (George Zweig)

HL-LHC superconducting quadrupole successfully tested (Matthew Chalmers)

Success in scientific management (Barry Barish is interviewed by Paola Catapano)

Einstein and Heisenberg: The Controversy over Quantum Physics (book review by Peter Jenni)

A labour of love (Mark Rayner)

Bang, beam, bump, boson (Mike Lamont)

AMS detector given a new lease of life (Matthew Chalmers)

Scoping out the Einstein Telescope (Martijn van Calmthout Nikhef and Paola Catapano)

Brookhaven to host Electron-Ion Collider (Mark Rayner)

Leading physicists back future circular collider (Matthew Chalmers)

When twistors met loops (Carlo Rovelli)

Gauge–gravity duality opens new horizons (Juan Maldacena is interviewed by Matthew Chalmers)

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