Three kinds of neutrinos – no more, no less

I never understood the search for sterile (right-chiral , 4th kind of) neutrino. I understand the search was prompted by anomalous data from the earlier MiniBooNE and LSND experiments and the desire to explain dark matter in the universe but experimental results from LEP and Planck left no room for a fourth type of neutrino. Planck results prove without any doubt that there are only 3 types of neutrinos. Results from the LEP experiments at CERN in the 90’s also indicate that there are only 3 types of neutrinos. That’s why I wrote few blogposts pointing this out.

Fourth type of neutrino does not exist

Fourth type of neutrino has never been observed

There are no right-handed neutrinos

Now there is more confidence that the 4th kind of neutrino does not exist. New results from the MicroBooNE experiment at Fermilab show that there is no evidence for sterile neutrinos.

MicroBooNE experiment’s first results show no hint of a sterile neutrino

This is the second exciting news coming from Fermilab this year. Was it premature to declare that it is all quiet on the particle physics front?

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