Roger Penrose wins the Nobel Prize in Physics 2020

Roger Penrose became a Nobel laureate at the age of 89. His contributions to physics and mathematics are well recognized. He has many awards, just look at the “awards” section of the Wikipedia article about him. Please also take a look at the “Known for” section in that article. Nobel Prize for Roger Penrose was long overdue.

I was elated when I learned the decision of the Nobel committee. Last time I had this feeling was when Aziz Sancar became the first Turkish scientist to win a Nobel Prize.

Why do I admire Roger Penrose so much? It is not just his breadth – from mathematics to gravitational theories to quantum mechanics and most importantly to his research into the nature of consciousness – but it is also his courage to challenge the scientific establishment that deserves my respect.

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Following the announcement the Nobel website places a document known as the “Scientific background”. These documents are excellent tutorials.

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Here’s some of the news coverage of the Nobel Prize in Physics 2020

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Peter Woit’s comments

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