Why is the quantum uncertainty intrinsic?

image credit: Stanford University

The root cause of intrinsic uncertainty is related to one of the essential characteristics of Consciousness: seeking freedom. Consciousness escapes the confinement of its own doing in myriad ways. Such is the Cosmic Play! Consciousness seeks freedom and liberation from bondage. Consciousness achieves liberation through life. Escape mechanisms are different expressions of life. Quantum mechanical nature is one of the escape mechanisms. When an elementary particle is confined to a small volume of space it escapes the confinement by becoming quantum mechanical. Why? Because a particle is a condensed form of Consciousness! It is only natural that the particle (transformed Consciousness) seeks liberation by becoming a wave and displaying all the odd features of quantum mechanical behavior such as being in multiple places at the same time or going through different paths at the same time. Cosmos is transformed Consciousness. Even the vastness of Cosmos is too limiting for Consciousness.

What is certain is that Consciousness will be liberated through a process we call life. At the cosmic scale it is the Eternal Life of the Cosmos. For an individual it is the lifetimes associated with the soul.

What is NOT certain is how Consciousness escapes bondage. The escape mechanisms will always be mysterious.

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