Still here

My job situation has changed! For the third time in my career, I experienced total loss of seniority and started from scratch. I went back to the young man’s schedule of 12 hour work days doing programming and data analysis in a new job. At the age of 61 this is not easy.

I don’t know how much longer I can continue this blog which is becoming a source of big disappointment for me. I console myself by saying that even a single person who appreciates the content would justify my 10+ years of intense effort but it is hard not to be discouraged by the declining readership.

Another thing that bothers me is my declining intuitive receptivity. As I get older, I get more knowledgeable but less intuitive. In the past I argued that intuition is inversely proportional to the size of the ego. As I learned the lessons of humility in this lifetime I expected my intuitive understanding to increase. The opposite is happening. I feel that my intuitive receptivity is declining. Either my theory about intuitive development is wrong or something else is going on. I blame the old age. But, I know deep down that age is not the main reason. I am concerned that my declining intuitive receptivity is a reflection of a regressive period in my spiritual life.

There is no zero-sum rule in human development. The physical sphere may be limited but there is no limit in the intellectual and spiritual spheres. With the acquisition of knowledge mind expands. During this mental expansion phase it is important for spiritual seekers to maintain their devotional feelings and help others as much as possible to avoid the trappings of the ego. The speed of spiritual development has to exceed the speed of intellectual development. Otherwise, the intuitive receptivity will diminish.

Young and old, please pay attention to your intuitive development. Meditate if you can. Contemplate. Cultivate your devotional feelings. Humanity needs your insights.

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