Being closer to God is the highest happiness

Why do we doubt God’s love for all?

You might argue that the divine silence is making us doubt God’s love. God is silent. God does not seem to reward us for being moral and spiritual. On the contrary, we seem to be tested constantly. God stretches good people.

Karma theory provides incomplete answers about this. Middle Eastern answers about life being a series of tests are not satisfactory either. None of the answers provided by religions or spiritual philosophies are truly satisfying.

Life is struggle. There is no denying it. The reasons for this are beyond our understanding.

God’s silence is profound. This is the greatest mystery. Entire Cosmos is the loudest expression of God’s love for all; yet in our personal lives we hear nothing explicitly divine.

But there are glimpses. In those fleeting moments we feel God’s love. That’s all the proof we need. We then start doing the things that bring us closer to that feeling and stop those that push us away from that feeling. We learn this by trial and error.

Yes, there are spiritual teachings on how to cultivate that feeling but it is clear that we learn by trial and error. In my life, I consulted the books first. I tried to learn everything there is to learn about religions, philosophies, and spiritual practices. Book learning was no help. I had all that knowledge but I still made fundamental mistakes. We learn by trial and error.

Closer and closer! There is no end to this process. Being closer to God is the highest happiness.