So much creative talent is wasted

In the modern world there are many outlets for the driven intellectuals. They find a way to express themselves. But those who are buried under heavy burdens, working on never-ending mundane tasks, need encouragement to come out of their shells. For these people, finding time and energy to engage in creative activities is a real challenge. How can we help them find that extra energy?

There is an untapped potential of creativity among the STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) graduates who are now working in jobs that cannot satisfy their intellectual curiosity. I am sure readers will recognize untapped potential of creativity in their own communities as well. Can we inspire these people?

The articles below do not have any answers to my question. They are trying to answer other basic questions.

The science of creativity by Amy Novotney – American Psychological Association

New study reveals why some people are more creative than others by Roger Beaty – The Conversation

Neuro-Scientific Studies of Creativity by Sun-Hyung Park, Kwang Ki Kim, Jarang Hahm – NIH National Library of Medicine (one of the longest Wikipedia articles)

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