Hiding the Time Dimension

I am posting this in the early minutes of December 21, 2012 in the NY/NJ area. Everyone has been talking about the cycles: Earth cycles, solar cycles and the galactic cycles. On this first day of the new age I thought it would be appropriate to mention some aspects of time.

There are mathematical procedures that extract a static picture from a dynamic one. These procedures effectively hide the time dimension. They are not eliminating the “time effect” they are simply sweeping it under the carpet. These mathematical procedures are mental constructs. They are non-ontological.

My intuition tells me that there is also an ontological process that eliminates the “time effect.” This process does not hide time; it eliminates it physically. I call it the “zero-chirality” formation of the primordial fabric. Academic physicists are close to it. This effect will be discussed in the academia soon. I have a suspicion that many others know about it in the “applied science” community but remain silent about it.

First, I will mention two of the non-ontological procedures and mention the ontological one at the end.

FFT (Fast Fourier Transform)

FFT procedure decomposes a time-varying signal into its frequency components. The component frequencies have different amplitudes (powers). When we display these frequencies with their relative power we get the spectrum. The graphs below explain the idea.


In this picture, on the left hand size we see the time-varying signals. We observe that these particular signals have a carrier frequency. We also observe that there are modulations of the amplitude. On the right-hand side we see the FFT picture (spectrum) of those signals. We see the carrier frequency in the time-varying signals but there are also hidden frequency components implied by the shape of the amplitude modulation. The sharper the shape of the modulation or shorter (in time) of the pulse in time-domain the broader the spectrum in the frequency-domain.

FFT procedure does not eliminate time. It simply hides it from view. FFT procedure changes our perspective. Neurons in our bodies carry time-varying electrical signals (pulses). In my opinion, brain effectively performs an FFT. Neuroscientists should look into this.


The phase-space is a plane where the horizontal axis is any variable X; the vertical axis (X’) is the rate of change of that variable. I wrote an introduction to the “phase” concept recently and mentioned the phase-space there. In that article I did not show a phase-space picture. One of the classic examples is the Lorenz attractor.


The phase-space is similar to FFT in the sense that it also hides the time-dimension. Another similarity between the FFT and the phase-space is that they assume that there is an underlying periodicity.

The lesson here is that if there are cycles or repetitions in time one can devise procedures to extract a static mental picture of that process and be cognizant of the structures in the frequency-space or the phase-space.

Zero-chirality formation of the primordial fabric

In “Prometheus and Chronos” I mentioned that a zero-chirality formation of the primordial fabric eliminates the ‘time-effect.” I would ask that you read the original essay. When the primordial fabric is distorted (twisted) the “virtual time” and the “virtual charge” emerge and when the “twist” turns into closed loops the “real time” and the “real charge” manifest. Formations like the one shown below eliminate the “time effect” because their internal flows cancel each other.

In that essay, as a visual aid, I showed this picture. The red and blue spirals indicate the flow directions in the primordial fabric


Opposing flows (red and blue indicating flows in the opposite direction) effectively create the spin=0 (zero-chirality) state.

If the zero-chirality formations like the one shown above permeate the universe then we can say that the entire universe is connected in a non-local way.

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I have worked as a physicist at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and the Superconducting Super Collider Laboratory. I am a volunteer for the Renaissance Universal movement. My main goal is to inspire the reader to engage in Self-discovery and expansion of consciousness.
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