Wonderful Mathematical Art of Dave Whyte

I have discovered a treasure. You can view Dave Whyte’s wonderful mathematical GIF animations at http://beesandbombs.tumblr.com/archive

Dave Whyte does not provide any background information about himself but Christopher Jobson provided this information.

“The Dublin-based PhD student is currently studying the physics of foam and tells us his first geometric gifs riffed on computational modules he was exploring while in undergrad. As interest in the work grows Whyte is focusing more on his artistic side, pushing the boundaries of these small animations created with the Processing programming language. He’s now able to fully envision each animation before coding it, making tweaks to color, timing, and measurements along the way. The artist publishes new images almost daily on his Tumblr, Bees&Bombs.”

Here’s my favorites from Dave Whyte’s archive

snake_sphere_by_dave_whyteImage credit: snake sphere by Dave Whyte

line_dimension_by_dave_whyteImage credit: line dimension by Dave Whyte

funnel_by_dave_whyteImage credit: funnel by Dave Whyte

tetrahedra_by_dave_whyteImage credit: tetrahedra by Dave Whyte

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